Issues affecting women and children in St.Vincent and the Grenadines
Domestic Violence
According to Country Reports 2012, the police are “reluctant to follow up on domestic violence
cases” and violence against women is often committed with “impunity”
Source: Refworld Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Domestic violence, including legislation,
availability of state protection and services (2010-2013)

  1. Lack of legal aid for victims of domestic violence. However, individual attorneys do pro
    bono work at their own discretion.
  2. The need for proper redress and professional protocol when someone reports an
    incident of domestic violence to those in authority.
  3. A shelter that can facilitate and provide high level security to women and children facing
    violence situations.
  4. Counseling offered to victims of violence and a system in place for effective results.
  5. Protection orders become a lengthy process with no guidance given to the victim the
    suggestion of a temporary safe place provided while the victim awaits for the order
    should be considered.
  6. Lack of ample support for women of domestic violence.
  7. Lack of education on the issue of domestic violence, in need for more programs at the
    community level, in schools etc.
  8. High level of employment levels and lack of education is the outcry of many women who
    stay in these abusive relationships, a need for empowerment through these avenues are

Sexual violence against Children

  1. Age of consent needs to be revised from 15 years old.
  2. As of 2019, there is no sex offender’s registry currently in St.Vincent and the
    Grenadines and there is a dire need to implement a sex offender’s registry.
  3. Minimal sentencing and backed logged court cases need to be addressed by those in
  4. Lack of protocol when a victim of child sexual violence is reported to authorities.
  5. A unified sex offender’s registry is needed across CARICOM nations so that tracking can
    be effective.
  6. A sexual offences unit trained to deal with matters related to sexual violence against
    children, to counseling, doctors etc.
  7. Educational programs are not as accessible in communities and at schools on the issue
    of child sexual violence.

Sexual violence against women

  1. Sexual harassment in the workplace is evident and is not being address in an ethical
  2. Women of sexual violence lack legal representation, a need for legal aid.
  3. Lack of a sexual offences court to deal with issues of sexual violence.
  4. A need for rape kits for victims who have been raped, proper protocol put in place in
    hospitals and clinics. The necessity for each hospital/ clinic be equipped with rape kits
    and trained staff to carry out the necessary procedure.
  5. Women are fearful and scared to report incidents of rape due to the fact that
    sometimes those in authority interfere with the course of justice, lack of procedure,
    victim attacked by society- the victim is shamed and the perpetrator is glorified.
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